Blue Flower

The dignified and elegant hair style has the most fascinating atmosphere, a simple and elegant fairy hair style, exudes a romantic atmosphere, creating more fashion beauty for girls, come together Pick your own fairy hairpin and let yourself be the focus of beauty!

A very simple and temperament low-cut hair style, the design of the middle points makes the whole temperament more outstanding and charming. The bangs scattered on the cheeks are the perfect expression of the goddess temperament. The combination of the top crown is as exciting as the beautiful fairy!


Very simple and generous, a simple hair style, which is fresh and natural, it seems to make people feel the quietness of the one, with a side of the bangs hairstyle, bring the sweet beauty of the girl effect!

The long hair on the long hair exudes the most elegant elegance. The simple and elegant style of a fairy haircut is matched with a simple hair accessory. It looks very elegant and generous, and presents a full goddess to the girl. Fan!

A gentle and elegant Korean hair style with delicate crystal hair accessories, the hair on the forehead with a fluffy feel, more natural charm, a clean and delicate face with a sweet smile. Showcasing the full elegance!