Blue Flower

When the hot summer is coming, go to the cool seaside for a pleasant trip. Of course, there is also a stylish and beautiful girl hairstyle. Here are some girls who are suitable for seaside vacations, and let you feel with you. Take a look at the most refreshing summer beach.

With an exotic side twist braid hairstyle, with that fluffy feel, it still shows the fashion charm, very refreshing and clean, showing more charm in the leisurely seaside. .

Cute and playful double-beef hair style, with a little fluffy feeling, with a stylish and beautiful design, let the girls show more refreshing and clean, in the playfulness of the perfect presentation of the full charm breath.


The refreshing and sweet half-barrel hair style can not only feel the gentle sweetness but also bring more refreshing scent, showing the full charm in the cool seaside and feeling your own beautiful vacation!


A girl who likes a little personality, can come to fashion this dirty hair style, a very stylish personality of a hairstyle, with that refreshing breath, with a light blue hair band, it is very fresh and beautiful!


The ponytail hairstyle is of course suitable for a variety of occasions, very clean and refreshing can perfectly show the goddess temperament, in the leisurely seaside, showing more cool and beautiful atmosphere.

The ponytail hair style can also be used to create more fashion designs. It is paired with a small scorpion and presents a refreshing scent in the fashion styling, adding more fashion charm to your holiday.