Blue Flower

The late autumn is a relatively lazy season. In the autumn and pleasant environment, it is sure to have long hair. The most feminine taste is long hair, especially the long curly hair. The curly hair is often scattered on the shoulders. It looks very foreign and fashionable, and it can also be thin.


These two years are more popular short hair styles. In the autumn, you can get a short hair style with a chin. This length is just a good way to modify the contours of your face, so that your side face is particularly beautiful, and it has improved a grade instantly.


In fact, the hair style of the buckle has always been more popular, but you can choose a short hair buckle style, short hair buckle will let you show the gentleness and temperament of a small woman.

The middle and long hair of the shoulders are relatively more, and it is not very picky. It can be said that it is very versatile. The hot roll at the tail will make you look more fashionable.


The long hair in the small volume is also the bubble noodle we often say. This bubble noodle really shows the girl's wife, and it has a retro style, a little fairy.

The long hair of the long hair is also very good-looking, and the air bangs is very young, and the delicate makeup is really a first love goddess.